Friday, August 8, 2008

Another week, another helping of delicious comicy goodness for you all!!

(Sorry, I've had a bout of insomnia this week & I seem to be on a bit of a sleep deprived buzz. Still, I'm getting loads done!!)

Apart from the Celtic Knights comic, I'm also working on a 2-page strip as part of an anthology comic for which should also be out around the time of Dublin City Comic-Con in November. I hope to be able to give you a quick peek at that next week, after I actually manage to pencil to paper!!

Over the course of the weekend I'm hoping to sort out some type of a gallery here on the blog, to show off some of my other comics from the past (and one or two others I have in the pipeline). In the meantime, if you are really desperate to see some more of my stuff (and lets face it, you'd want to be desperate!!), you can have a browse here: On top of all that I'm still finding time to do the odd commission (like I said, no sleeping, its the only way!) so if you are interested, let me know.

Anyway, on with the preview. First up we have the dynamic duo of Fire & Ice. They are a married super-hero couple, kind of like Spiderman & Mary-Jane.

Except they hate each other.

And as much they might like it, they won't be making any deals with the devil to just pretend it never happened (sly dig at Marvel there, folks. They deserve it though...)

Then theres Fallout. He's your typical Super-Guy, strong, fast able to fly, etc, etc, etc... except he has a minor problem. He occasionally cant control his balance & gravity powers. It would be a minor problem, if he wasn't flying through the air like a speeding bullet at the time....

Well thats it for now. Lets hope I get some sleep over the next few days or God knows what gibberish I'll be spouting in next weeks post....

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