Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fingernails? What fingernails?

Well, the convention & launch of the Celtic Knights comic is now less than a month away, and I'm suddenly filled with a slight sense of panic. I'm not sure why, I'm actually a little ahead of the schedule I set myself for finishing the drawings, but I find myself squeezing in a little bit more every chance I get. Before I go to work in the mornings, on my lunch, my first instinct is to pick up a pencil or a pen. Just in case....

Rosemary has been sent off to the printers now so that's one worry off our backs at least, and Barry has finished his Celtic Knights poster/cover painting. Its very funny, check it out;

I did my first online interview this week, for Jazma Online, a comics newsletter website. Its a bit surreal answering questions like "what tips would you have for aspiring artists?". I'm pretty sure I'm still an aspiring artist myself (unless Stan Lee keeps calling my old phone number or something). Still, every road to super-stardom has to start somewhere, right? It should be posted up in a couple of weeks, I'll make sure and post a link to it then.

I totally forgot to mention it, but last Saturday was Irish free comics book day. A load of Irish comic producers give away free samples of their comics to promote their work. Its pretty self-explanatory really. Yours truly did a 2-page strip which featured in a 'zine given out on the day. If you are in town this week, pop in to Sub-City, Tower Records, or Forbidden Planet and they might have a few copies left.

I had another Transformers Mosaic piece posted up this week, this one is called Closure, and is written by me. It seems to have gotten a pretty good response with the TF fans. Check it out;

Well, its lunchtime now, so you know what that means; back to the drawing board!!

Till next week!

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