Friday, September 12, 2008

You know you have no social life when....

My wife and I realised that the only times we have been out lately is to go to christenings! (None of our own though, had enough of them thank you!) So we managed to organise a babysitter & got out to the cinema to see the Dark Knight. Finally. And I have to say it was well worth it. It definitely lives up to the hype. I didn't even mind the "growly" Batman voice that everybody seemed to complain about, but I did have one little thing that bugged me (that nobody else seemed to mention at all) - why was the Mayor of Gotham alway wearing mascara?!?
And by the way, a little tip for you all - if you do forget to turn off your phone before you go in to the cinema, just make sure your ring tone doesn't sound like a dog barking. That just freaks everybody out!!
Well, enough of the stuff I said I'd never talk about here & on to business. I'm just about at the half-way stage in the Celtic Knights comic & things are going relatively smoothly. No doubt that now that I've said that, some disaster is bound to happen & I'll end up panic drawing at the end, but for now, its still all systems go. I've just finised Junker's big scene, and I have to say that Iv'e really enjoyed doing it. He is probably my favourite of the Knights to draw, there is just so much potential with a smelly vagrant crime fighter...
We have also realised that Celtic Knights will be doing something of a worlds first with comic book super-heroes (we think). At some point in the comic one of our heroes will do something that I'm pretty sure no comic book hero has ever done before. What is it? I'm not telling, you'll just have to buy it in November & find out!!

No Celtic Knights previews this week, I wanted to show off a Transformers: Mosaic piece instead. I gave a little preview of this a couple of weeks ago and IDW forums have launched their TF: Animated project this week so I can post the whole thing up now. Click on the pic below to see it all nice & big and readable-like. Enjoy!!

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