Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Right under my nose all this time..

Isn't it amazing the things you can find when you aren't really looking? I was running out of inking pens last week (Celtic Knights is my first fully black & white comic and I'm going through pens like crazy lately) and I thought I would have to go into town to get more as there is no decent art supply shop near where I live. Since we have six kids and my wife works pretty much most hours that I dont, going into town is not as simple as jumping on a bus. As with most things in the life of people with large families, it's a massive organisational operation with the type of split-second timing you would be hard pressed to find at a NASA launch. Needless to say, it seemed like a lot of trouble for some pens, so I wasn't looking forward to it, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Or so I thought.

My wife was in the local school book shop (another bane of the large family, but thats for another blog) buying a book for our son that the school told us we din't need and then changed their minds. As she was waitng for the book, she noticed they sold my inking pens! Cheaper than the art shop in town too - and literally ten minutes walk from the house. I'll have to pop in there soon and see what other goodies they have...

I've had a bit of a slow week on the drawing front. For some reason or another I haven't been able to put pen to paper as much as I would like. Hey, I'm allowed an off week once in a while, right? It wasn't really even an off week, as I have been photoshopping & lettering the pages I have done so far. I have every intention of getting fully back on track for next week (touch wood!).

For those of you reading this who haven't already, you should join the Facebook group. Stephen will be doing a good chunk of the promotion from there, and I'll be adding in a few goodies too, so its well worth a look.

Two preview pics for you this week; Rubinette's slinky entrance and a little bit of General Blake, just cause I thought it looked cool. Enjoy!

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