Thursday, November 20, 2008

Get comics, check. Tidy portfolio, check. Write blog...

Well, its the last blog entry before Dublin City Comic Con kicks off, bright and early on Saturday morning. I'm all(most) ready to go, I've pretty much done everything I can at this point, so all that remains is to turn up and enjoy the weekend. There are one or two panels and workshops I'm looking forward to seeing, and one where we get to "launch" the comic. I'm a little nervous about that one, but not too worried. If we manage to sell a few comics then I'll be a happy bunny. That said, I won't turn any of the major comic companies away if they offer me a job either!
Apart from the comics, I'll be selling a few pictures, (mostly transformers stuff) I have done, and doing a few sketches on the day. If you are coming, make sure and pop by to say hello, I promise I won't bite (though I can't make any guarantees about Stephen....)
Also going on sale at our table will be the fantastic "Rosemary Herbb: The Return", worth buying if only to look at Barry McGowans jaw-dropping artwork (the lettering is pretty good too, though!), and a few posters. Actually, when its all written down like that, it looks like I'm in for a very busy weekend!
Well, with all that to do, I'll leave you all to it. I'll no doubt have a post-mortem of some sort (hopefully a good one) next week, but till then I'll leave you with a quick sketch I did of Judge Dredd, just to keep the old fingers moving...

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