Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Holy neglected blog, Batman!

Would you believe its almost a quarter of the way through 2009 already?!? And this is my first post of the year! So, eh, happy new year everyone!
So what have I been up to? Well its been busy, I'll say that much. After taking a bit of a break and not doing any drawing at all in December (well, almost none!), most of January was too busy to do anything much either. We went to Hazels sisters wedding in Wales at the end of the month. It was lovely, a great weekend and a really nice place, but organising two adults & six kids to go anywhere takes a serious amount of preparation, so I couldn't really sit around drawing while Hazel did it all. So I got out of her way mostly. I'm nice like that.
So between getting back and now I have been a very busy chap, as you might imagine. First off, I had my latest Transfomers Mosaic, "Where the spark is" finished & published. I'm actually surprised at how quick it got out into the world, as these things usually have a few months of a waiting list ahead of them. Its possible that the fact it was written by Josh van Reyk, writer of the upcoming "Spotlight: Jazz" and one of the organisers of the Mosaic project, might have something to do with it. But hey, who's complaining? Check it out below.
Next on the list was a commission for some pictures of some Irish Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) stars, for which I was handsomely rewarded with a shiny new website! So now there are even more place for me to bug you all on the internet! Its www.gerhankey.com, if you want to have a gander.
Oh yeah, Celtic Knights, almost forgot about that!! (Kidding, Stephen, honest!) Sales of Issue 1 have been going great guns, thanks everyone who bought it. If you feel the need to buy another copy, just in case your first one spontaneously combusts or something, by all means do. Its better to be safe than sorry!
Stephen has been inundated with people asking him when the next issue will be out, as well as some slightly stranger questions, like whats Rubinettes bra size and does Junker have a Dublin 4 accent?!? I'll leave you to field those ones, Stephen...
As for when Issue 2 wil be out, the answer is.... sometime this year! Its going well at the minute, but I'm happy enough with the quality that I don't want to rush it to meet a deadline. Plus, I have to let paying work take piority. What I will say is that we will have a preview ready for the Bristol & Derry conventions in May & June respectively, so keep an eye out if you are going.
Thats enough of me for now, I'll leave you with a few bits I've done over the last while to keep you all quiet till the next time I post.
September, if past form is anything to go by!!

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