Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bots of Honor!

I've been pretty busy the last couple of months doing Transformers artwork for a new project. It's been kept under wraps for the last while, but they have let a little preview out so I thought it would be a good idea to talk about it.
The guys behind the Transformers: Mosaic project (a fantastic idea for fan comics, if you are anyway interested in robots or comics you should check them out) have decided to organise a massive undertaking. Here's the official low-down:
Logo by James Biggie. Art by; Ger Hankey, Kris Smith, Andrew Griffith, Daniel Light and Jenny Son.
Even in the most peaceful of times, when the people are happy and safe, there are those that would bring misery and suffering unto others. Those that would seek selfish gain. Those that would plunge the world into darkness. But, there is always a light to ward off the dark. A beacon of hope for the helpless. A symbol of justice that watches over all. There is always......a Prime.Patrolling the streets of the capital city of Iacon, the newest link in the Prime Legacy, Optimus Prime, keeps an ever-vigilant optic over the citizens of Cybertron. Armed with the power of the Matrix of Light, Optimus Prime has the ability to create any object out of pure energy, and uses the accumulated wisdom and skills of the Primes before him to battle the forces of evil, wherever and whenever they prey upon the weak. No one bot stands alone, and there are many other protectors of Cybertron who have dedicated their sparks to upholding justice. As Optimus Prime hunts down wrong-doers, he is joined by these heroes, each with their own unique abilities and talents. Together, these "Bots of Honor," strive to maintain the peace that has blessed Cybertron for many meta-cycles. But, all good things must come to an end. Although the various villains that Optimus and his friends battle, dangerous as they all are, may seem random and un-connected, there is a dark force rising that could threaten the whole of Cybertron. Will Optimus Prime uncover the truth about this hidden threat before it's too late? What will the consequences be, not only for our heroes, but for every Cybertronian on the planet if they fail? In 2011, get ready for action and adventure like you've never seen as everyone's favourite 'Robots in Disguise" do battle on a whole new level! If you want to stay up-to-date on all things "Bots of Honor," check out our deviant art site here; Just to get you a little bit more excited, here are the full character designs featured in the above promotional piece;

Optimus PrimeGrimlock


And just because the design for Optimus Prime isn't 'new,' here's a pic of his alt-mode;

So that's what I've been doing with my time lately. I'm nearly finished my part of that, then I've a one-page story for the afforementioned Mosaic project to do. When I'm finished those it will be time to sink my teeth into a really big project (for me anyway); I have written a script which I'm hoping to have turned into a comic for sometime next year. So stay tuned, and I'll keep you updated when I have some news!


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