Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hot Town, Summer in the city...

For any of you living in Ireland at the moment, you may have noticed something; its bloody hot! After a month of what can best be described as "schizophrenic" weather where I could be both roasted and soaked on my ten-minute walk to work, it seems to have finally settled into the hot week to ten days the we Paddys laughingly call "summer". I could go on about what a pain it is for me and my milk-bottle complexion, but you are not here to listen to me moan, are you?

So what have I been up to since the last time I updated the blog? Drawing like a lunatic!
There are two conventions coming up in the next month, 2D Fesitval in Derry is on this weekend (4th-6th June), and then Edition Book Arts Summer Edition 2009 is on the 4th of July in Temple Bar, Dublin. I'll be at both, selling comics, sketches, spare body parts or anything else I can get people to buy! They should both be good events, and are both free to the public, so come along and look out for me there! Heres a couple of pics to whet your appetite, enjoy!

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